[TKGI] Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition installation and basic configuration

Hello Everyone!

This article is the 2nd part of the series about TKGi, but it is written first of all 🙂

Quite a while ago I was playing around with Pivotal PKS Enterprise but didn’t have a chance to learn it completely. Finally, I’ve managed to find a bit of free time and visit the official training course about Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition.

This article will be broken into 2 parts 1st is the basic installation of OVA. and the 2nd part will be the configuration of the appliance.

Let us start with OVA deployment. We follow all the steps as usual. When deploying the VMware Appliances.

In the 2nd part, we gonna configure the appliance for our infrastructure.

First of all, we log in to our appliance using root/password creds and choose Install. Then we choose Start Configuration

Then we need to configure our appliance.

  1. We are addint our vCenter and choose a DC
  2. We configure our NSX part. In this example we use BYOT way. We had pre-created PODS-IP-BLOCKS, NODES-IP-BLOCKS, FLOATING-IP-POOL and T0 Router. Also we created all nessessary routing and firewall rules.
  3. As default i use Local User DB and choose the name for TKGi api server
  4. Choosing the Availability Zone Cluster. in my case it is lab. so don’t have that much clusters.
  5. Choosing storage resources
  6. Choosing plans – i’ve kept everything by default
  7. Integrations have some nice options (but it is basic install so i’ve got everything disabled.
  8. Harbor part – choose fqdn and creds.
  9. Generate configuration and apply it.

After the installation process runs (takes quite a while. I went for dinner in between) you shall see such a picture:

Thank you for reading keep tuned for the next parts. As I’ve mentioned I will write a part about NSX next. and then we go for further tasks.

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