[vRA8] Import Vanilla K8s Cluster


Today we gonna import Vanilla K8s Cluster to vRealize Automation.

As a first step we need to get information for our existing cluster from the config file, such as CA, user certificate and key for authentication:

As a second step we need to go to Cloud Assembly, then in Infrastructure tab we go to Resources, choose Kubernetes and Add Existing. Fill in the information from the previous step press Validate. After validation success we press add:

Next we need to create a Kubernetes Zone. Same Infrastructure tab, Configure, New K8s Zone. Account – all external clusters. In Clusters tab we add our cluster we created in the previous step.

As a result we got our Zone created:

Now we need to add this zone to the project: Same Infrastructure tab, Administration, Projects, Open existing project you want to add K8s zone. Choose Kubernetes Provisioning tab and add a Zone we just created.

That is how we add a cluster to our vRA installation and provide access to the project. In the next article we will see how to create namespaces in this cluster.

Thank you for reading!

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