vRA Creating a Business Group and Reservations

Hi Guys,

Now we have to create new Business Group and Reservation for it. Lets Start!

  1. As usual firstly we log in to our vRA web interface
  2. Before we create a business group we have to create Custom Machine Prefix which will be used during the deployments from vra. Don’t forget to press the green accept sign to save the changes.
  3. Now go to Administration Users&Groups->Business Groups and press create new
  4. Choose the name and manager email in members add manager and user groups (or individuals) and in infrastructure choose default machine prefix.
  5. New Group created but allocated is 0 of 0 so we have to create Reservations for this group.
  6. Go to infrastructure and choose reservation create NEW vSphere(vCenter)
  7. Choose the Name, Tenant and Business group set Priority and go to Resources.
  8. Choose Compute Resources and storage and move to Network where choose the networks you require.
  9. In Alerts don’t forget to set the threshold and also send it to the manager of Business group.
  10. Now we can see that we have the Reservation applied and need to start using it 🙂

Thank you for reading and Stay Tuned!

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