vRA Add Endpoints and Fabric Groups

Hi Guys,

In this article, we will add Endpoints and Fabric Group to our vRA.

  1. First of all, we have to log in to our vRA Portal.
  2. Go to Infrastructure Monitoring as we need to know the name of our endpoint which we used during the deployment. we can see it in Log in the message.
  3. Go to instrastructure Endpoints and create a new endpoint vSphere(vCenter)
  4. Choose the Name (should be the same as we saw in monitoring tab), address (dont forget https and sdk), credentials and test connection. C
  5. Now we shall add the NSX endpoint follow the same steps (only the name can be as you want it to be 🙂 )
  6. Now we have to bind our NSX endpoint to the vCenter Endpoint. Edit the vCenter andpoint. Go to Associations and add new NSX endpoint and press OK.
  7. Now we have to create the Fabric group. It will have the Endpoint bound to it. Go to Infrastructure ->Fabric Groups and create new
  8. Choose the name. add the administrators’ group to it (or individuals) and add Compute resources. In here we have only one cluster for Edge and management but for normal environments use separate cluster (i.e. compute cluster1)


We are done with this steps in next article we will learn how to create Business Groups and Reservations

Thank you for reading!

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