vRA First Step after deployment

Hi Guys,

After deployment of vRA we have to make first configuration – tenant local account and the most important part – branding 🙂

  1. We have to log in using administrator account we used during installation
  2. Choose vsphere.local
  3. In Edit Tenant choose Local users tab
  4. Add new user, fill in the form and press OK.
  5. Choose Administrators
  6. Start typing the name of the user and choose it from drop-down menu both for Tenant administrators and IaaS administrators. Press finish.
  7. Now the Branding part. You can keep the checkbox on “use default” or remove and choose the design. Logos colours names etc… for header and footer.
  8. Now lets test our connection with Orchestrator ( I’ve skipped E-mail servers as i don’t have configure it in this environment). VMware recommends to use vRO installed internally on vRA.
  9. Confirm that you can login with localadmin user account (we created)- first logout with current account.


Now we can see way more tabs which we will use in the future.


Thank you for reading!

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