vRA Authentication Configuration

Hi Guys,

In this article we will configure the Active Directory authentication to our default tenant.

  1. We have to configure with local account to our default tenant:
  2. Go to administration->Directories Management
  3. Add a Directory over LDAP/WA -Windows Authentication
  4. IT is not a good practice to use administrator account (but it is demo environment so its OK)
  5. Select domain and click Next
  6. Standard Attributes looks to be OK so press next
  7. Enter the DN of the container where the groups are : i.e. ou=groups,dc=domain,dc=local select all and press next
  8. I Usually Skip users as it is better to use groups (but you can choose Same as above for users container and press next
  9. Sync the Directory
  10. Now logout and login with the attached domain

We created our connection to AD and we can login, but we can’t see much tabs as we didn’t add domain account to the Tenant Admins or IaaS admins. We will do it in the future.

Hope that the article was informative.

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