vCenter Services Don’t Start Up

Hi everyone,

Today I’ve Faced a strange issue. Updated Windows based vCenter. And noticed that 19 VMware services couldn’t start:


First place to visit was Services.msc…. But picture there was not cool atall. All the services i tried to start were dependant on each other.

AFter some time i’ve remembered that there is some bat file called service-control.bat in VMware\vCenter\vCenter Server\bin .

  1. I’ve decided to stop all the services: service-control.bat –stop –all so everything is stopped and all should run smoothlyvCenter_Services_2.PNG
  2. Then Servie-control.bat –start –all …. and after sometime i see great picture:vCenter_Services_3.PNG
  3. Checking Eventlog helped:vCenter_Services_5.PNG
  4. Bingo! Port 80. we have to disable WWW service as we don’t need it:vCenter_Services_4.PNG
  5. So Service-control.bat –start –allvCenter_Services_6.PNG
  6. Welcome Back, vCenter!vCenter_Services_7.PNG

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