Create New VM from Template in vCloud

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One more article for today. This one is mostly for customers who never seen how interface looks ūüôā

To Create New VM from pre-created template you need to do the following tasks:

  1. Login to the vCloud Web Interface.
  2. Get To the vApp where you want to create VM by pressing OpenNew_VM_Tmp_vCloud_1.png
  3. Choose the Virtual Machines TabNew_VM_Tmp_vCloud_2.png
  4. Press on “+” signNew_VM_Tmp_vCloud_3.png
  5. The new Tab will open. Choose the required template and press AddNew_VM_Tmp_vCloud_4.png
  6. Template will become visible in the bottom menu. Press NextNew_VM_Tmp_vCloud_5.png
  7. Choose the VM name (this name is applied only inside of vCloud Interface)New_VM_Tmp_vCloud_6.png
  8. Choose the VM name (during recustomization task this name will be written as Computer name inside Windows system) Choose Network you want to use and type of IP assignement Static РIP pool -automatic IP assignment (stays static). Static-Manual РManually enter the IP address.New_VM_Tmp_vCloud_7.png
  9. Configure Networking, If you need this machine go from isolated network to Internet you can choos connection to vRouter (with NAT and Firewall) New_VM_Tmp_vCloud_8.png
  10. Review all the settings you set up and press FinishNew_VM_Tmp_vCloud_9.png
  11. Wait for some time VM to be created. Right click on VM and choose PropertiesNew_VM_Tmp_vCloud_10.png
  12. Tick on Checkboxes Virtual CPU hot add&Memory hot add  this will allow you later on to add additional resources without shutting down the VMNew_VM_Tmp_vCloud_11.png
  13. Choose the amount of CPU/Memory/HDD you will needNew_VM_Tmp_vCloud_12.png
  14. Guest OS customization you need to choose Change SID or you wont be able to join machines made from this template to the same domain. Also you can change here local admin password. After you chosen everything press OKNew_VM_Tmp_vCloud_13.png
  15. Right click on VM and choose Power on and Force RecustomizationNew_VM_Tmp_vCloud_14.png
  16. Wait some time VM will reboot several times apply IP address/change the Server Name and change SID


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