Configure SSL-VPN Plus (NSX Edge)

Hello everyone,

In this post we will figure out how to configure VMware SSL VPN-Plus on NSX edge for our cloud customers.

  1. First of all it is only configurable via VMware vCenter. So we Login first:SSL_VPN_Plus_01.JPG
  2. In vCenter Menu we choose Networking&Security:SSL_VPN_Plus_02.JPG
  3. In right menu choose NSX Edges:SSL_VPN_Plus_03.JPG
  4. In the left double-click on NSX-Edge you need:SSL_VPN_Plus_04.JPG
  5. We will start from the Server Settings where we press change button:SSL_VPN_Plus_05.JPG
  6. Submenu opens and we need to enter IPv4 address, port, cipher list and certif details:SSL_VPN_Plus_06.JPG
  7. We have to assign IP pool which will be used for VPN clients (press + and enter required information):SSL_VPN_Plus_07.JPG
  8. Next menu is Private Networks where we Enter the list of networks where we have to give access via VPN:SSL_VPN_Plus_08.JPG
  9. In Authentication we can modify or create new authentication method. ( i modify existing one by applying additional security policies):SSL_VPN_Plus_09.JPG
  10. In Installation Package we create new installation file for the customer which will include all the required information for correct logon:SSL_VPN_Plus_10.JPG
  11. In next menu we just create local users (in case like for me it is easier to create couple of users localy instead of syncing with LDAP/AD):SSL_VPN_Plus_11.JPG
  12. We skip couple of points and get into Portal Customization where we can see current design:SSL_VPN_Plus_12.JPG
  13. By pressing Change button we get in submenu where we can apply our design and titles:SSL_VPN_Plus_13.JPG
  14. And finally we are done with our initial setup we go to dashboard and press the Enable button:SSL_VPN_Plus_14.JPG
  15. We  are done:SSL_VPN_Plus_15.JPG

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