[vRO] RabbitMQ subscriptions

Hi all! Today we will learn how to subscribe to RabbitMQ queues via VMware vRealize Orchestrator.

One of the use cases is the extensibility of vCloud Director for Service Providers.

We have to go to vRO workflows -> Library -> AMQP -> Configuration.

1. We need to Add AMQP broker in our case is RabbitMQ

2. We have to declare the exchange:

3. Then we declare a queue:

4. We need to make a subscription for the queue:

5. We have to go to administration Tab and there go to policies and choose “AMQP Subscription”

After we created a subscription we have to run it so we receive the messages as soon as they are sent:

To test I just used the web UI of RabbitMQ to send a message to the queue. As you can see below it was received by vRO.

Thank you for reading.

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