VMware NSX 6.4.0 installation and initial configuration

Good evening! As I mentioned in the previous post that this article will be covering installation and initial configuration of VMware NSX 6.4.0 which was released in middle of this month. Lets begin!

As our first step we have to download the appliance OVA from vmware.com.

  1. To deploy the OVA simply right click on the location and choose Deploy OVF Template.

2. The deployment wizard will open we need to choose our ova and press next.

3. As we will need to do an extra configuration tick the box and press next.

4. Choose the name for the VM in inventory and location

5. Choose the storage where to deploy the appliance.

6. Choose the the port group.

7. Fill in the data in customization template.

8. Review the settings and press finish the deployment process will start and you have to wait for a moment.

9. When everything is done use the IP address of the appliance and username ‘admin’ to log into it.

10. Choose Manage vCenter Registration:

11. Choose Edit on both of Lookup Service URL and vCenter Server. Fill in the required data. Accept the certificate.

12. Now in vCenter we will see the Network and Security tab. Press it.

13. Go to Installation tab -> host preparation and choose install on cluster. It will install required VIBs.

14. Now we have to configure VXLAN. press gear icon and choose configure VXLAN

15. We shall choose our dvSwitch (made a typo while configuring) and choose create new IP pool. We create new Edge IP pool. After complete this configuration.16. We will see the following picture after we configured VXLAN.

17. We move on to Logical Network Preparation and assign Segment ID.

18. Now configuring Transport Zone. Using Unicast as it is recommendation from VMware when we use new installation.

19. As a last step we have to configure our NSX controller cluster. Go to Management and press on + sign on NSX Controller nodes:20. Here we have to create Controller IP Pool


21. After the first node deployed repeat it 2 more times to make a cluster. When you add additional node you will see the peers adding to config.


Now we have installed and made initial config of VMware NSX 6.4.0

In next post i will review the configuration of DLR, ESG and Load Balancer for our future vRA installation.

Hope it was informative and you enjoyed this article.

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