FTP Server Installation

Hi everyone in this Article we will create new FTP server based on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2.

Okay lets start!

  1. We have to start our Server manager Press manage and add rolesW2012R2_FTP1
  2. Add Roles and Features Wizard will open with information text. We shall run through this text and press nextW2012R2_FTP2
  3. Here we choose Role-based or feature-based install and press nextW2012R2_FTP3
  4. We choose our server in this case its FS01 and press nextW2012R2_FTP4
  5. We shall tick the checkbox for IIS and window will pop up automatically with list of required roles. Press Add Features. And then press NextW2012R2_FTP5
  6. We don’t need to install any additional features so just press nextW2012R2_FTP6
  7. In IIS role services choose both and press next.W2012R2_FTP7
  8. On confirmation tab review the selected and press InstallW2012R2_FTP8
  9. Great our installation is completeW2012R2_FTP9
  10. Now let’s create the folder which we will use for FTP purposeW2012R2_FTP10
  11. And we need to create user (it can be domain or local)W2012R2_FTP10.1
  12. We need to open IIS management consoleW2012R2_FTP11
  13. Right click server name and choose Add FTP Site.W2012R2_FTP12
  14. We shall choose Site name and Physical Path (Folder we created before)W2012R2_FTP13
  15. Choose the IP address (If you want to use it externally you have to translate address to externalW2012R2_FTP14
  16. And finally add user you want to access to FTPW2012R2_FTP16

Thank you for reading

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  1. Riki Nazeboo avatar

    Can you make a post about Windows vs Linux servers?

  2. Trust Me avatar

    Hey man, why VPS servers are so much cheaper that dedicated, while in some cases they offer
    same power?

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