Add Domain-Joined Powershell host to the vRO

Hello everyone,

Today I was adding a Powershell host in my lab and ran into the error which I was able to resolve pretty quickly.

When I was running the workflow

I got the following error – Cannot locate default realm:

Which actually ring a bell in my head that i have to do additional configuration on the side of vRO(in this case vRA appliance server)

Login via SSH to vRA appliance and create a file with the name krb5.conf:

vi /usr/java/jre-vmware/lib/security/krb5.conf

And put the following content:

default_realm = DEMO.LAB
defaultl_domain = DEMO.LAB

After you’ve made this changes you need to restart the  vRO service:

service vco-server restart
service vco-configurator restart

Wait a little bit and run the workflow again:

And finally everything works well 🙂

Hope this small tip was useful for you!


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