Custom Certificate installation on vCenter


Today we will do an easy task and install Custom Certificate on our vCenter applience server.

  1. We have to login via SSH to our vCenter
  2. We have to copy over 3 files. Machine certificate, Certificate Key and root CA.
  3. Then we have to start certificate manager
  4. We will see the following picture
  5. Choose 1 to Replace Machine SSl Certif
  6. Choose 2 and then follow the instruction. Then the proccess will take some time for updating services with new ssl certif. on 70{e446ef79be674adb3c6945ce128768d37101f21a4bf2301a6de0b74a3fac67b5} it will start stopping (can stuck for some minutes) and at 85{e446ef79be674adb3c6945ce128768d37101f21a4bf2301a6de0b74a3fac67b5} it will start all the services (also will take some time). after you are done logoff and disable ssh. And refresh your browser connection to the vCenter to see “green” lock 🙂

Thank you for reading.

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